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Computer Repair
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UK Computer Repair Services
Job Description  Price* 
Upgrade or replace memory £20
Replace broken laptop lcd £30
Fix broken power socket (DC jack) on laptop £50
Remove virus, spyware or adware £40
Clean fan on overheating laptop £30
Fix blue screen errors and/or continuous reboots £40
General cleanup £40
Replace Laptop Motherboard/Graphics Card £40
Complete format and reinstall of Windows, Office, iTunes, Adobe and Anti-Virus keeping all customer's files £50
Copy everything from a full drive to a new larger drive £30
Desktop PC fails to start (replace power supply) £30
Desktop PC fails to start (replace graphics card) £30
Desktop PC fails to start (replace motherboard) £50
Upgrade to Windows 7, 8 or 10 £quote
Hire laptop (MS Office, Wireless Internet) £quote

*Parts not included.